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Personal Project: Japanese Girl.

For my personal art project I have been designing and drawing a Japanese inspired anime style piece featuring a young woman wearing a kimono, surrounded by Japanese folklore creatures. I find it very useful to draw the initial idea on my digital tablets like my Wacom Cintiq or my IPad as I can easily erase any mistakes and try new ideas without issues arising with it being a digital sketch. I have a huge inspiration for Japanese culture and the anime style so I have been experimenting with my artwork using these inspirations as my goal for this piece. My final goal however is to transfer this illustration on to watercolour paper and use watercolour paints for the first time as I have a great desire to be more involved with traditional artwork as I only create digital art at the moment.

From the image below you can see I have finished my initial sketch choosing to use a pencil brush and scenery brushes to gain an idea of the composition of the piece and how I want the illustration to look. My next step is to choose a colour scheme. I will be doing this next stage whilst it’s still a digital sketch to see which colours will bring the piece to life. I can try as many variations as I want which is a lot easier using digital art software.


I love the composition of this piece and I feel the theme is fun to draw as I love Japanese culture and the anime style. It helped a huge amount to be doing research for exercise 1 on Hayao Miyazaki who is famous for being a Japanese director, animator, and manga artist at Studio Ghibli as he is an inspiration to me. I also have been watching anime while I work on this piece to become inspired. Currently I am watching One Punch Man written by Tomohiro Suzuki which is helping me understand how to make my art flow instead of the image being rigid and having no emotion. I still have a long way to go with my artwork as I am developing and learning new skills everyday so I’m very hopeful that you will see more flow in my future work. I am a bit nervous about using watercolour on this piece as I’m new to traditional art but also I’m looking forward to trying a new medium were I can see the improvements with each piece I do. At least I know that if I mess up that I still have my digital sketch to fall back on in an emergency.

Posted by Sarah Cook on 01 July 2019 18:04

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