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Assignment 1: Say hello.

For assignment 1 I needed to introduce myself to my tutor by creating a greetings card about myself. To start with I decided the best way to come up with some ideas about myself would be to create a mind map.

As you can see from the picture I stared by putting the word “ME” as the main theme in the centre of the page and branched out with the ideas I wanted to collect about myself. Using this mind map I will be able to create an illustration that introduces myself to my tutor. I decided to pick the words digital and IPad + Apple Pencil as these are the materials I wanted to use to create the artwork for the card. Then I went on to choose creative, passion for art and freelance artist as this is how I feel about art in general and my goal for when I finish my degree so I knew I wanted to create an illustration for the front of the card. Finally I wanted to use all three ideas in the inspirations section of my mind map which were japan, anime and colour as these are things I love to draw. I opted not to use all of the words in my mind map as they were not needed or as important as the rest. I didn’t use the words Wacom Cintiq 13hd as I already chose the materials I wanted to use to create the piece. Anxiety was not used as I felt this was not as important as the rest of the ideas even though it is a part of who I am. I didn’t want to be known for this condition. Degree was another word that I felt was already self explanatory and not needed and as I was new to learning watercolour I wanted to stick with using digital medium for this art as I am more confident with this at the moment. So using these words as my starting point I knew I needed to now decide on what I wanted to draw. I thought the best way to do this would be to create some quick thumbnails to see which idea would describe me the best.

Here is the thumbnails showing what I chose to draw.

Once I had chosen the thumbnail and colour scheme that I wanted to use for the final illustration I found an A5 card blank (A4 size before it is folded) pictured below to use as the greeting card and that is what I would print the illustration on when finished.

I decide to also include a welcoming quote and a artistic quote inside the card which would hopefully give a little insight in to how I think and feel. I believe both quotes do exactly this and these are the ones I used.

Welcoming Quote.

"I'm open for possibilities. I'm open for choices. I always welcome new ideas. I'm always eager to learn. I'm never going to close my mind from learning." Cesar Millan.

 Artistic Quote.

"Painting is but another word for feeling." John Constable.

 I wanted to give a personal touch so I printed the quotes on to card and stuck them inside the card blank with washi tape as I thought this would be a cute idea.


For the illustration I used clip studio paint and my IPad tablet to draw the artwork. I wanted to have more flow in this piece as I had found out from the previous exercise that I enjoy it more when I do a relaxed piece of art. As I love anime I chose to draw an anime style girl sticking her tongue out and with her expression I wanted to show that I want to have fun with my art. I drew some flowers, leaves and bows to show my passion for art and to show that I can be creative and the petals falling around the girl are meant to represent cherry blossoms in Japan. I decided to opt for the watercolour brush and the paint brush as I could add colour to the art but have a messy, relaxed style which I thought matched the sketchy look of the lines. I created simple highlights and shading and added simple effects which went very well with this style and in the end I was happy to say that the final image related to me in the best way possible. As an added touch I thought I would use some simple words to indicate exactly what I wanted this card to say. I know that looking at the artwork alone didn’t indicate a message but sometimes I feel like that’s ok. I feel like words are a form of art just as much as an illustration and I believe the words I used with the illustration brought the whole project together.

The last thing to do was now print the artwork that I created on to the blank A5 card, print the quotes on to card and stick them inside with washi tape and then I was finished. Hopefully my tutor can truly see my fun personality coming through by doing this assignment.

Here you can see the finished printed card and the inside as well as the IPad that I drew the illustration with.


Out of all of the artwork that I created for this section of my course designing this card for my tutor was the one I ended up enjoying the most. I felt like I could just be myself and show what I feel is most important to me. This assignment gave me the freedom to draw the art I wanted and allowed me to think about what really drives my creative flow. I can see the parts that I want to improve on and the new skills I want to delve in to so in a way it’s help clear my mind on what I want from this degree. The colours used for this piece are my favourite combination, bright, pastel and fun. You can portray various feelings by using colour and I feel I did a good job at this in this piece. I loved the A5 size of the card as I didn’t want something too big or too small. I find A5 is a good size for me to work at. I felt the quotes were a nice personal touch and they were exactly what I wanted for the inside of my card and I didn’t want to leave the inside empty as I felt that would have been a missed opportunity to show some creative flair. The mind map and thumbnails were a great asset to me as they were an easy way for me to jot down ideas and figure out what I wanted to portray for this piece. They also saved me on time as I feel I would have wasted time not knowing what I wanted to draw. I know that I could have done a more detailed piece for this assignment but that is not the style I wanted for the card. I would never say my art was right or wrong but I feel happy with the art that I produced.

Posted by Sarah Cook on 29 June 2019 09:53

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