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Cute and Affordable Artwork :D

Hi :D My name is Sarah and I live in West Yorkshire UK.

Art is my passion and allows me to share and develop my love for Japan and Anime. I can be super creative with my art and it is a great outlet for my anxiety which I deal with every day. I love to turn my artwork into items like prints, stickers, badges plus various other things so that other people can enjoy them too. I digitally draw all of my artwork at the moment but I really want to work with watercolour and do more sketches.

My interests are Art, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Japan, Cute Stuff, Home Made Cooking, Computer Games,, Dogs + Cats :D I have drawn since a very young age but as I got older my mental health and peoples judgment made it harder to be creative. But I think the world would be a very dull place without imagination and colour. I have my own website under the name Glass Bunny Studios where you can see my expanding portfolio and visit my shop were I sell my art. My chair buddy is my kitten shadow, he gives his paw of approval on all my work/orders and keeps me company. He is a total cutie pie and loves boxes and treats! :3

I decided to finally study for my BA Hons in Illustration as I wish to improve my art, find my "style" and expand my art knowledge to be able to use it in the creative sector for work as my dream is to become a freelance illustrator or work for a company as an artist. Everyone can and should dream big!

I create all my art and items myself at home with my various machines and each item is therefore individually made with lots of love and care! I am very grateful to anyone who purchases my artwork, loves my art and who visits my websites like my instagram, redbubble shop and etsy store. Plus this website too! So Thank you so much!! :3

*Meet The Artist*

Sarah - OCA BA Hons illustration uni student.

Shadow - Paw of Approval.

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